Meet Dr. Mia Russo

Dentistry gives me a way to bring my knowledge of oral health to my patients for the betterment of not only their oral health but their systemic health as well. While my job is to educate my patients on oral health, working with so many unique patients is amazing because they can educate me for their own diverse backgrounds. I feel like I truly make a difference when I help my patients get out of pain, improve their ability to eat by restoring missing teeth, and most importantly when I help them improve their oral health in a way that boosts their confidence so they get to smile again.

I attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. The dental profession is constantly improving, and I find improving my skills in order for my patients to have the ideal treatment is the most rewarding. It is also exciting to learn new topics within the dental field!

When I am not working, I like to spend my time with friends and family, cooking new recipes, and going to the beach. Personally, I am passionate about self-improvement, both mentally and physically, and exercise this through yoga, dance, watching documentaries, and reading.